Reimbursement Letter: Why Your Company Should Invest In You To Attend

The National Sales Network believes that one of the best investments that you can make in your career is your professional development! The National Conference conducted once a year provides the opportunity for attendees to invest in their professional development through the workshops, seminars, and symposiums that are conducted throughout the conference. The conference provides training and development for company reps, managers, and executives. Invest in your career today!

  1. View the agenda and highlight the sessions you would like to attend for your professional development
  2. Review the reimbursement letter and schedule a call to discuss with your manager
  3. Send your manager the reimbursement letter outlining the sessions that you would like to attend(attach the agenda to the e-mail or include the link
  4. Schedule a follow-up call with your manager to discuss the investment.
  5. Register for the 2018 conference

Reimbursement Letter - Word Download

To: Vice President of Human Resources / Your Direct Manager (or appropriate title)

From: (Your name)

Subject:  National Sales Network’s 22st Annual Conference

August 8-19, 2018

New Orleans, LA


National Sales Network will convene for its 22st Annual Conference on August 8-10, 2018 at the New Orleans Marriott. Approximately 1,400 professionals from various industries are expected to participate in four days of workshops and executive presentations geared toward enhancing selling skills, improving leadership aptitude and learning leading edge sales strategies and tactics. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Purpose Driven Career”.

Corporations like ours are increasingly becoming aware of the value that National Sales Network offers to its participants. NSN members and conference attendees are able discover what it takes to be successful in a changing marketplace and acquire tangible skills that go beyond what is offered by company driven internal sales & sales management training programs.  Attendees of the NSN Conference interact with executive-level professionals and are inspired by nationally renowned speakers. They take part in interactive workshops that fine-tune skills, enhance professional development, build working relationships and increase business acumen.

Established in 1992, National Sales Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to meet the professional and developmental needs of sales and sales management professionals. The purpose of the organization is to increase career growth and skill development as well as provide a forum for networking within the sales profession. This is accomplished through the national conference and 20 local NSN chapters.  Please visit their website at for additional information.

I am requesting your support to attend the NSN Conference this year as a part of my professional development.  For over 20 years, companies across the globe have recognized the NSN Conference as an integral part of the individual development plan for their employees. I hope you will consider sponsoring my participation.


(Your name)